International Year of Millets 2023, Why Is It a Big Win? | Divinity Organics

by Yogita Mehtani on Dec 13, 2022

International Year of Millets 2023, Why Is It a Big Win? | Divinity Organics

 2023 is Declared The Year of Millet!

As we are tackling climate change, fighting for the rights of our farmers and food security; reviving the millet is a must. Globally the state of Karnataka (Not surprisingly home base ground for our company Divinity Organics, Yay!)  had been at the forefront of building momentum and conscience towards the same from the ground up. We are fortunate our food heritage and systems are still intact and have now come to light and assistance to those suffering from diabetes and hypertension. It is our responsibility as food producers, retailers, and organizations to do what we can for Better Health, Better Planet™ and celebrate the year of millet

Who Declared the Year of Millets?

It is the effort of many leaders coming together over years - activists, humanitarians, Ayurveda doctors, individuals, NGOs, small business owners, and indigenous tribes that recognized this need early on and with dedicated efforts made the local panchayat and state governments realize the need to add millets to our staple diets that were removed due to fast consumerism and industrialization of the food leaving us deprived of nourishment post-colonization. 

The Indian government at the center propelled the movement forward and the Idea was proposed to the UN General Assembly which then acknowledged the ecological and dietary benefits of the Millets and declared the International Year of Millets 2023. 

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Why India Will Take the Lead in Promoting Year of Millets

India holds the key to creating global awareness about the consumption and distribution of these ‘seed-cereal’ or seed grains as each state is blessed with its own variety, 600 indigenous millet seed varieties have been identified to have existed. The ways of millet consumption and the secrets of its molecular food gastronomy left by our ancestors need to be brought to the mainstream. This would require a collective effort and more so from end consumers, nutritionists, health experts; linguists to disseminate the old sciences around cultivation and consumption. 

Ideal climatic conditions in India and efforts from the Indian Government to boost millet products through educational drives via the National Food Security Mission Operational Guidelines (NFSM) for quality seed production/distribution, FPOS, and export promotion plan is set to boost and take lead in promoting International Year of Millets 2023.

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Benefits of Millets and Their Types

Millets are usually chewy and bitter prior to cooking but sweet to taste later. It can be consumed by popping, grinding, fermented to make drinks, made into a batter by mixing wheat or rice in small quantities, added to salads, flattened as Indian bread, and consumed as desserts. Millets work for all mealtimes. Each millet has its own properties and should be consumed singularly. 

  • They are all complex carbs thus maintaining consistent energy during the day. 
  • High in fiber and protein; a good mix of ‘Nutri-cereal’-millets, can be added by alternating between the major or minor millets of India during the week.

 Sorghum (jawar: ज्वार), Pearl Millet (bajra: बाजरा) and Finger Millet (ragi: रागी) are Major Millets as they are bigger in size and also commonly consumed in India. The Minor millets though lesser known are equally nutritious. They are excellent foods for preventing cardiovascular diseases, are good for the gut, prevent inflammatory bowel disease, and have antioxidants that prevent aging and improve metabolism. 

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Make Millet in Every Form A Part of Your Diet Plans. 

Replace processed breakfast cereal with (Nutri-cereal) millet and health drinks for kids with fermented millet drinks. Add a new millet major or minor monthly gradually as a conscious food consumer from Divinity Organics as flours or Raw and Unpolished whole seeds at Divinity Organics and help us build momentum to promote this upcoming international year of millets

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