We, at Divinity, believe in ancient traditional practices especially when it comes to health and well being. We aim at fostering the best practices and products developed using pure ancient processes that can help enrich our mind, body and soul.

It is essential to change our thoughts and actions for a better and healthy lifestyle. Good food must be prioritised for better immunity and growth. We have successfully turned this to be our vision.

Based in Bangalore, we mean to provide solutions to both farmers and consumers. We are reducing the bridge by providing the best products produced and delivered directly from the farmers. We understand that consumers value healthy and sustainable products.

Divinity Brand Story

Nature always returns us everything in its purest form. It is our duty to do the best in return. These days as our lifestyle is changing we are suffering from a wide range of diseases. With so much impurities and adulterated food, it is difficult to find the best consumables.

As a result, slowly and steadily we are trying to embrace the ancient cultural practices in our regular lives. We always believed that it is essential to bring some changes to our habits and actions for a better lifestyle. So, our idea has now become our only mission and vision.

We understand how important it is for consumers to get the best product in the market. So, as the demand for organic and healthy food increases the farmers can grow more of these till we all can have equal access to the best food products.

Our mission is to educate the masses about the importance of organic and healthy food so that through sustainable practices not only us but even the earth can benefit and give us the best product in return. As we all know, health is wealth. It is time we take steps to spread awareness about healthy food habits.

Divinity Organics - Organic Mustard Oil Wood Pressed -Wood Pressed Mustard Oil is the fresh mustard oil is extracted from sun dried and organic mustard seeds by using the ancient wood pressed method. The wood pressed mustard oil contains exquisite taste and flavor and is full of nutrients which makes it preferable for daily consumption.

Why Us?

We want to be thought leaders in educating and bringing consciousness to the people through awareness. We try to create a holistic, and promising business modality that will help inspire and promote the idea of wellness. We believe that the focus on real food has never been propagated properly hence we want the leaders to educate awareness about  -

‣ Holistic nutrition on food.
‣ Investment in health is true wealth.
‣ Realization that immunity is built in mechanism to safeguard ourselves.
‣ Where to find real nutrition?

We must respect all kinds of life forms because we are in a symbiotic relationship with each other. We have a dedicated team, and we all are committed to delivering genuine organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free foods and eco-friendly products to all its consumers and then introducing all of them to a unique and successful business model. We need to focus on making the soil healthy and build a healthy ecosystem.

We all try to support natural, sustainable, organic agriculture practices which will serve and then protect Mother Nature. This will, in turn, help the livelihood and well-being of all the farmers and tribal wildcrafters across rural India and the world.

Our Goal

Our primary mission is to set up atradition of having good food and nutrition that a body deserves. Our goal is to trickle down each and every household with healthy products. The main idea is that you are made up of what you eat. These kinds of foods are chemical free food, and do not have any preservatives. They are all natural and come directly from farmers. Organic foods are local, pesticide-free and also traditional.